EDU-SYRIA visited Zaatari Refugee Camp

February 24, 2016

A visit was made to Zaatari Refugee Camp by the EDU-SYRIA team from GJU, Zaraqa University, and Al-Quds College on 22 February 2016. The purpose of the visit was to interview new Syrian candidates for studying/completing their studies at either Zarqa University or Al-Quds College. The UNHCR hosted the operations of this round at their Zaatari Basecamp office. They provided the project team with the logistical support necessary for completing the interviewing process. Over 80 applicants have been interviewed. The biggest challenge was to have all necessary documents (i.e. certificates and transcripts) of the applicants legalized by the institutions that …

EDU-SYRIA announces the list of accepted students in Zarqa University

February 21, 2016

EDU-SYRIA announces the first batch of accepted students in the scholarship program. The total number of accepted students at Zarqa University is 142. The first batch of EDU-SYRIA scholarship is focused on Syrian students who are interrupted in their University study. EDU-SYRIA applicants from Zatari camp will be invited on Monday 22/2/2016 at UNHCR in the camp for an interview. Furthermore, the list of accepted students in Al-Quds College will be announced soon. It is worth to say that, the European Union Delegation in Amman in cooperation with EDU-SYRIA works hardly to provide new scholarships to students who obtained a …

EDU-SYRIA second round interview at Zarqa University

February 15, 2016

On Monday Feb 15th, the EDU-SYRIA Scholarship program held the second round interview at Zarqa University. Around 730 Syrian applicants came to ZU who underwent a documents verification process out of which 330 were interviewed due to having the required documents.

EDU-SYRIA first interview round at Al Quds College

February 14, 2016

On Saturday 13/2/2016 , Luminous education – Al Quds College welcomed its first batch of students in the education program for Syrian refugees and Jordanian young people in the affected areas of refugees Managed by German-Jordanian University and funded by the European Union in cooperation with the Universities of Zarqa and Yarmouk and Al Quds College. The project is supported by the European Union to provide 390 scholarships to the Syrians and Jordanians students, including 80 scholarships in Al Quds College. High Representatives from the European Union, United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and the German Jordanian University were …

EDU-SYRIA started the students’ interview process

February 3, 2016

On Wed Feb 3rd, the EDU-SYRIA Scholarship program started the interview process which took place at Zarqa University. Interviews are being conducted on Wednesday and Thursday to assess students who applied to the scholarship program, and introduce them to majors and colleges within the university. It is worth mentioning that the number of students interviewed was approximately 400 students.

Applying to EDU-SYRIA

February 1, 2016

Please note the application deadline for EDU-SYRIA scholarship (first round) has now passed, and late applications cannot be accepted. The selection results will be published on EDU-SYRIA website no later than February, 21 2016. The application process and selection criteria for the new round of scholarship applications will be announced by May, 2016.

EDU-SYRIA Open day at Zarqa University

January 23, 2016

An open day has been held at Zarqa University to introduce the education program for Syrian refugees and Jordanian youth in areas of displaced refugees, which is run by the German Jordanian University and funded by the European Union in collaboration with Zarqa University, Yarmouk University, and Al Quds College. The president of ZU, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Al Wadi, pointed out that this open day is the first of its kind in Jordan and it offers educational services for Syrian and Jordanian youth, and that ZU is ready to accept 300 students in different specializations in the second semester of …

Informational Meeting about EDU-SYRIA Project

January 17, 2016

An informative meeting about EDU-SYRIA project that is implemented by the German Jordanian University (GJU) held on Sunday 17th of January 2016; in the presence of the GJU President and a number of representatives from the project’s partners as well as guests from international organizations. The meeting was held to discuss some of the key aspects of the project implementation. EDU-SYRIA is a project funded by the European Union and aims at providing scholarships for Higher Education to Young Syrians and disadvantaged Jordanians. Prof. Natheer Abu Obied, stated that it is a pleasure for GJU to lead a consortium that …

Project Launch

December 31, 2015

The project activities started with the first management meeting with the partner institutes at the German Jordanian University.

Welcome to EDU-SYRIA!

December 26, 2015

EDU-Syria is an educational and humanitarian project funded by the European Union (EU) to help Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanians from host communities acquire access to higher education and vocational training through a set of scholarship programs. Read more about the project here The project provides scholarships for the following academic programs: Master level programs Environmental and Renewable  Energy Engineering Vision Rehabilitation Computer Engineering Enterprise System Engineering Spatial Planning Architectural Conservation German as a Foreign Language Bachelor level programs Engineering Disciplines Nursing Management, Maternal Health Nursing, Adults’ Health Nursing, Psychiatry health Nursing, Intensive Care Nursing, Community Health Nursing Information Technology …