Teacher Certificate Scholarship Program (TCSP)

The Teacher Certificate Scholarship Program (TCSP) will enable trainees to obtain a certificate of trained teachers. Based on different sources of evidence, obtaining this certificate significantly is a turning point to the beneficiaries’ lives. The reason is that many practicing teachers do not have any special preparation for the teaching profession. This is true almost across the region thus, TCSP increases the opportunity of improving beneficiaries’ professional path.   


The certificate prepares teachers for the challenges of the 21st century classroom, preparing future educators to treat classrooms as more than mere space, but as the birthplaces of innovation, leadership, intellectual curiosity, and civic participation among youth. The TCSP certificate includes three components. 


  • Pedagogies for Learning and Teaching: Understanding of the concepts of learning objectives, learning outcomes, aims for learning, appropriate activities, and their sequencing as well as links to assessment. 
  • Subject Didactics: Examine and analyse examples from other jurisdictions and contexts particularly in relation to planning in their subject area or in Early Grades curriculum, and design teaching materials and resources for use within the classroom. 
  • School Experience: Students are expected to plan episodes of learning with the school mentor and gradually build up to teaching and evaluating their classroom practice as they take on more lessons. 
Beneficiaries have the opportunity to learn, practice, and engage in dialogue with great thinkers in education, as well as flourish within a community of shared practice, experience, and passion for the art of teaching.

TCSP’s Statistics

All data refers to September 2023