Luminus Technical University of College (LTUC)

Luminus Technical University College (LTUC) is Jordan’s leading community college, established 37 years ago with more than 30,000 graduates. For the academic year 2019/2020, the student body of LTUC is around 3,500 who are coming from different cultural backgrounds, 32 nationalities. It offers, locally and internationally-Pearson/Edexcel-accredited diploma programs in different technical and occupational fields. LTUC is the only Pearson BTEC accredited college in Jordan that delivers the Level 5 Pearson BTEC Diploma program. The letter provides specialized knowledge and abilities as well as work-readiness skills across a range of industrial sectors.

Additionally, many Jordanian manufacturing and extractive industries created a specific-industry set of national occupational standards that professionals must adhere to and be guided by. The learning contents of the BTEC programs are built on the premise of the significance of these national occupational standards that students should master. Therefore, the BTEC provides the necessary education and trainings to prepare young people to earn their diploma. Such VESP diploma awards a path to several alternatives; more advance degree in postsecondary higher education, delve into the workforce, and better take-off a business idea into reality.

In 2016, Luminus Education (LE) launched EU funded entrepreneurship and business acceleration program, Luminus Shamal Start (LSS) at LTUC Irbid campus. The overall objective of LSS was to support potential innovators and entrepreneurs in creating sustainable businesses. The aforementioned gets entrepreneurship-focused training, strategic mentorship, networking and linkages, creative workspace, seed fund, and access to prototyping and manufacturing facilities through the first digital fabrication Laboratory in Jordan, FabLab. The latter, with a grant of 9 million € funding form EU and LE, was fully equipped with the state-of-the-art technologies and the means for invention and innovation, where creativity and collaboration meet. Since launching its operation in November 2016, LSS achieved the following milestones:

• Received 3,500+ business ideas.

• Trained 250+ Startup teams.

• Incubated 112 Startups.

• $1.5M+ Seed Fund Grants.

• Created more than 200 full time equivalent employment opportunities.

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