(My Story) Book

June 24, 2023

Inspirational Stories of Jordanian and Syrian Students: We are pleased to share with you ‘My Story’. A storybook about the lives of Jordanian and Syrian students, who are trying to find their way amidst challenging conditions, in host communities and refugee camps in Jordan. My Story is the product of an ambitious 2018 storytelling project that offers a glimpse of the lives of 24 young Jordanian and Syrian students studying for an Associate, Bachelor or Master’s Degree under the program “The provision of Higher Education to Syrian refugees and disadvantaged Jordanians”. The aim of the book is to achieve a …

Labor Market Study

April 17, 2023

Result of the Study “Jordanian Labor Market Needs”   EDU-SYRIA Scholarship Program, funded by the European Union through the Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis, “Madad”, and managed by the German Jordanian University, conducted a research study entitled “Jordanian Labor Market Needs “. This research study aims to identify the needs of the Jordanian labor market for jobs and the necessary skills and to evaluate employment options in the Jordanian labor market for Jordanian and Syrian refugee youths, to help match these needs with the technical skills that qualify university graduates from Jordanian and Syrian refugee youths …