High School Summer Program (HSSP)

The High-School Summer Program (HSSP) feeds into the Educational Pathway Approach, which is a model that all EDU-SYRIA III components are based on. High school students of Syrian refugee and vulnerable Jordanian youths will be enrolled in different pre-college programs during summertime at ZU. The core of summer programs is to familiarize high school students to the transition stage to the college life, inspire them to continue post-secondary education, build confidence in being a college student, leave them capable of thinking critically and communicating confidently-skills that lead to success at school, in college, and in his/her career.

The HSSP is considered as a pilot project and unique/first-of-its-kind component for High School students specifically those who passed 10th & 11th grade. The program targeted around 40-50 students (for each intake) of Syrian refugees from Zaatari refugee camp.

HSSP’s Statistics

All data refers to September 2023