Bachelor Scholarship Program (BSP)

This action offers high school-Tawjihi- Syrian refugee holders with a full scholarship to earn their bachelor’s degree. The duration of the study program is around 4 years, depending on the field of study. The action BSP is exceptionally crucial as it proffers those vulnerable youths with opportunities to continue their education, obtain their degree from national and international accredited programs at a four-year university.

As the Syria conflicts eventually will be resolved, rebuilding the country is a top priority. Hence, all different kind of professions and specialities are in demand, particularly, with some special emphasis on ICT and ICSTEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), which the current scholarship action focused on. Besides, STEM are more employable disciplines than other fields, whether locally in Jordan or regionally in the Middle East.

BSP’s Statistics

All data refers to September 2023