BSP Academic Meeting

EDU-SYRIA held an academic meeting for the beneficiaries of the Bachelor Scholarship Program (BSP) on Wednesday 29th of March 2023 at Zarqa University. The meeting was attended by EDU-SYRIA Academic Committee; Dr. Ala Khalifah, the Head of the Academic Committee, Prof. Khaled Al-Zaedeen, the Dean of Admission and Registration at Zarqa University, Mr. Ibrahim Al-Hariri, EDU-SYRIA Academic Advisor at Zarqa University, and more than 150 Syrian.

This meeting is part of a series of activities and events organized by EDU-SYRIA at Zarqa University which aimed at monitoring the academic performance, following up on students, and listening to their feedback, suggestions, and aspirations.

Prof. Khaled Al-Zaedeen opened the meeting by welcoming the Academic Committee and the students, praising their outstanding academic performance. Dr. Khalifah reviewed the main topics and emphasized the importance of the students’ commitment to excellent academic performance that enables them to continue benefiting from the scholarship. Moreover, he also discussed the warning system in the program and the certificates of excellence awarded to motivate and encourage students to continue their academic excellence, and stressed the need for students to participate in the activities carried out by EDU-SYRIA and Zarqa University, which contribute to refining their personalities at this stage. He also emphasized the students’ full commitment to their obligations as beneficiaries, urging them to engage in the volunteer work for its positive impact on society.

In turn, Mr. Ibrahim Al-Hariri referred to some points related to student requests through EDU-SYRIA online system and how these requests are reviewed and praised the students who won in various competitions. At the end of the meeting, the Academic Committee listened to the students’ inquiries in order to follow up on them during the coming period.

During the meeting, the academic committee honored the distinguished students and awarded them certificates of excellence in recognition of their efforts and high academic performance.

In the end, the students thanked EDU-SYRIA and Zarqa University for the attention and care they provide to serve the students and praised the efforts made by EDU-SYRIA in order to facilitate the challenges encountered. They also praised the great role of Zarqa University in its management and distinguished academic staff.

It is worth mentioning that the partnership between Zarqa University and EDU-SYRIA has exceeded seven years, and during this period Zarqa University was one of the most important partners in the project who contributed towards achieving the aspirations of the Bachelor Scholarship Program (BSP).