“It made me regain hope after it was buried with the ruins back in my country”

The war has crushed my ambitions and closed all the doors in my face.

Therefore, I moved to Jordan to ensure my family lives a safer life. I hold a diploma in Mechatronic Engineering in the field of car mechanics from Damascus University. When I arrived to Jordan I tried to work in my field but failed. As a result, I was forced to work in another field which I am good at. I worked for a gas station where I washed cars and I am currently working there until today. At the end of 2015, I heard of EDU-SYRIA through social media outlets. Applying for the scholarship was a big decision for me to take since I was responsible for providing for my family. In the end, I decided to study Graphic Design. To my surprise, the diploma is a British accredited diploma. The scholarship was my chance to get back on track and change my direction in life. It made me believe in a goal after it was buried under the ruins back in my country. Furthermore, it has also made me think in a different way.

I am now ready to start life all over again, a life that is worthy of living.