“It is such a beautiful thing to go after your goal”

I am a young strong-willed girl who dreams of a prosperous future.

My dream during my school years was to attain a university degree in the field of Nursing. I saw Nursing as a humane field but this changed as my vision and dream became bigger. When I completed my Bachelor Degree in Nursing, I reached my dream of working as a responsible nurse caring for patients. After working for two years, I began to aspire to evolve myself. Therefore, I decided to further complete my higher education in order to become more influential in my field. My dream included becoming the head of nursing department. I believe I have leadership and administrative traits. This position is very challenging and requires that I hold a Master’s Degree. It is because of the European Union’s scholarship that I could successfully complete my first year in the nursing Master’s program at JUST. To be honest, it was not easy for me to go back to being a student while working at the same time, but I managed. It is such a beautiful thing to go after your goal. Nevertheless my story does not end here since my goals change day by day.

As for the future I envision, I strive to attain a PhD in the field of Gynecology and Birth. This field is one of the most important fields in the world, especially in Jordan where the birth rate keeps increasing.