Yarmouk University (YU)

Yarmouk University (YU) is a public school created in 1976 by a Royal Decree, located in Irbid, a state northern of the capital, Amman. The YU has 13 colleges, offer 56, 63, and 19, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs, respectively, in an array of specialties, striking a balance between soft and hard sciences and humanities. Moreover, 11 centres for research and career development reside at YU.

The study body count is about 27,850 taught by 936 faculty members. Since the beginning of the Syrian crises, YU accommodated more than 400 Syrians students in the bachelor’s degree programs. As the school foreseen the clusters of Syrian refugees settled in Irbid and surrounding towns, it decided to establish a research centre focusing solely on refugee-related issues. These facts in addition of being an ex-co-partner in EDU-SYRIA I-& II, makes YU an ideal co-partner once again.

EDU-SYRIA III beneficiaries will be pleasantly surprised by a special label of EDU-SYRIA I-& II on many books in the main library of the school. The former projects “significantly” contributed to the library by buying and donating many important books that are crucial for students’ study in different colleges and departments.

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