Mu’tah University (MU)

Mu’tah University is the fourth and local co-partner in the current consortium and was a partner in EDU-SYRIA I-& II. MU is a national institution for military and civilian higher education established in 1981 by Royal Decree. By 1986, the Higher Education Council came to a decision of creating a civil wing for MU. It should be pointed out that MU is located in the far south of Jordan in the state of Al- Karak.

The university strives to be community-oriented and achieve a sustainable community development. MU campus extends over an area of 400 square kilometres with 15 colleges, 53, 42, and 9, Bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs, correspondingly. The student body for the academic year 2017/2018 was 17,599 with 1443 international student, about 8%, and a faculty count of 626 members.

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