Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST)

Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) is public leading highly reputable ranked academic institution. In 1986, the JUST was founded on the outskirts of Irbid, 70 kilometres north Amman, the capital of Jordan. The main purpose of establishing JUST, autonomous national institute of higher education, was graduating bundles of outstanding professionals in specialties that matched the needs of Jordan as well as the region. The student body has increased by more than ten folds of the original one in 1986. Currently, the school has more than 800 full-time faculty members, with 20,000 undergraduate and 1800 graduate students, in contrast to 2,300 students in the 1986/1987 academic year. JUST comprises more than 5,000 international students of 60 nationalities, rendering it the most cultural-diverse university in Jordan.

QS World University Ranking System ranked JUST at 301 according to several indicators: academic reputation, reviews by recruiters who hire JUST graduates, faculty student ratio, citations of published research. Also JUST was 71 ranks in recruiting top quality international students. The university has 12 colleges, all are science-and medical-oriented, with 55 departments offering 42 undergraduate programs and 95 graduate programs.

EDU-SYRIA II left an academic and cultural organic evolving organism, a “petite” library located in a distinct breathing space with some laptops and stationary for EDU-SYRIA students to use, currently and in future. The reading room is a unusually comfortable place for students to study, do assignments and homework, collaborate on school projects, among others. Besides, this special room is a physical environment where Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanians can network with other students, creating more a community sense and social support network.

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