Zarqa University (ZU)

Zarqa University started was founded in 1994 with only six colleges and 150 students enrolled in twenty majors. After that, the school was growing exponentially with many more colleges, undergraduate programs, and graduate programs, admitting students from more than 37 nationalities across the globe with a rich and unique blend of many cultures. Currently, it has 13 colleges, 3 deanships, 38 undergraduate and 11 master’s programs. The graduates are totalling for more than 25 K students.

The institution is located in a relatively poor state, Zarqa, aimed to serve and trigger the local community to thrive and improve human conditions. ZU promotes itself as an institution that puts the students first and ahead of any other priority. Therefore, there is a strong program devoted to helping underserved students by presenting them with a range of scholarships and grants that vary in size and requirement. The latest amount of scholarships was JD 2.5 million per term, about 3.2 million €, so yearly the total would be about 6.4 million €.

In the last couple of years, there were several developments at ZU. For example, an Entrepreneurship Incubator Centre, Zarqa Intermediate Technical College (ZITC), ZIRLab (a community-driven lab believes in bringing new ideas, devices, and methods into every part of the ZU mission) were established. The latest addition to ZU was a centre for e-learning that meet the twenty first century teaching and learning demands.

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