EDU-SYRIA Participated in “FORSA Explore” Event by FOR9A

EDU-SYRIA, a prominent educational initiative committed to empowering Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanian youth, took center stage at the prestigious FORSA Explore Event on Saturday 26th of August 2023 hosted by For9a. During this highly anticipated occasion, EDU-SYRIA unveiled its scholarship offerings for the upcoming academic year 2023-2024, marking a significant stride in the mission to transform lives through education.

FORSA Explore Event, known for its commitment to fostering educational opportunities and career development, provided an ideal platform for EDU-SYRIA to showcase its dedication to making a positive impact on individuals’ futures. At the heart of this commitment is EDU-SYRIA Scholarship Program, which extends beyond being a mere financial lifeline. It represents a lifeline of hope and opportunity, providing Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanian youths access to higher education and vocational training.

These scholarships serve as beacons of empowerment, enabling young minds to access quality education and build the skills needed to forge a brighter tomorrow. EDU-SYRIA’s participation at the FORSA Explore Event underlines its unwavering commitment to expanding the reach and impact of the program, with the aim of creating a more inclusive and equitable future.

In a world where education is recognized as a powerful catalyst for change, EDU-SYRIA stands proud as an initiative dedicated to fostering hope, creating opportunities, and building bridges to a more promising future. Together, we have the power to empower and pave the way for a brighter, knowledge-driven world.