EDU-SYRIA & DAFI Scholarship Programs Interviews

EDU-SYRIA engaged in a series of interviews conducted by DAFI scholarship program with the aim of selecting refugee candidates for a full bachelor’s degree scholarship at Jordanian universities. The interviews took place from Wednesday, 30th of August to Monday, 18th of September 2023.

The participation of EDU-SYRIA falls within the framework of the collaborative partnership between EDU-SYRIA, represented by the European Union, and the DAFI (Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative) scholarship program, funded by the German Government, Said Foundation, and the Asfari Foundation and managed by the UNHCR in partnership with Noor Al Hussein Foundation, aimed at exchanging experiences and unifying efforts under the call for applications and the selection criteria, to ensure equal distribution of scholarships among refugees and access to the largest possible segment of refugees.

Interviews were held in various locations within each governance to enhance accessibility for students. These locations included the GJU – Jabal Amman Campus in the central area,Al-Karak in the south, and the Zaatri, Azraq, and Emirati Jordanian refugee camps. The committee responsible for conducting the interviews comprised three examiners, each representing EDU-SYRIA, UNHCR, and Noor Al Hussein Foundation. The selection of candidates was conducted with the highest standards of integrity, equality, and transparency. It is worth mentioning that the interview phase was designed to identify academically qualified candidates who fulfil the eligibility criteria.