EDU-SYRIA Students Win Second Place in “Students Reinvent Cities” Competition by C40 Cities Network

EDU-SYRIA students, Abdullah Al-Mahmoud, Muhammad Abdul-Rahman Jawad, Ammar Al-Labban, and Saeed Asida, majoring in architecture at Zarqa University, won second place in a competition called “Students Reinvent Cities” by C40 Cities, a global network of nearly 100 mayors of the world’s leading cities that are united in action to confront the climate crisis, in partnership with the Greater Amman Municipality on Monday 31th of July 2023.

In an inspiring competition, the Evergreen team secured a commendable second-place finish, while the Living Bridge team demonstrated their prowess with a well-deserved third place. This remarkable event, guided by the expert supervision of Dr. Bushra Zalloum, Dr. Dalia Al-Tarazi, and Eng. Reem Shawabkeh, showcased the exceptional talent and dedication of the participating students.

The competition provided a platform for these talented students to share their innovative ideas and visionary plans for creating sustainable urban environments within a transportation hub. Their primary focus was on combatting climate change and enhancing the quality of life for city residents.

Prof. Dr. Tayseer Ghanem, Dean of the Faculty of Technology, expressed his admiration for the students’ unwavering commitment to crafting a city that prioritizes environmental stewardship and inclusivity. He noted that their participation exemplifies their eagerness to introduce new concepts and practical solutions. Additionally, he highlighted the importance of learning various problem-solving techniques and policymaking strategies, demonstrating the students’ dedication to building a brighter future for all.

This competition not only celebrates the innovative spirit of these budding architects but also underscores their essential role in shaping sustainable, inclusive cities that address the pressing challenges of our time.