Microsoft MACH program

May 3, 2018

 MACH program: Foundation. Microsoft is a workplace unlike any other. MACH helps new hires hit the ground running, navigate a complex global organization and position themselves for success. Purpose. Our interactive program is designed to complement a MACH’s day- to-day role. It exposes them to senior leaders and high-level business strategy to ensure they are plugged into the bigger vision. Network. MACH provides the opportunity to connect and learn from more hundreds of peers and alumni in more than 80 countries – to create professional relationships and cross-cultural experiences that are invaluable to career success. And much more including global networking & mentoring …

Employment Centers for Jordanians and Syrians

May 3, 2018

Beneficiaries of the services of the office: • Jordanian and Syrian jobseekers who wish to find a job or a training opportunity. • Employers currently employing or wishing to employ Syrian workers and/or those qualifying for preferential trade access to EU markets. Service locations: • Employment centres at the labour directorates / Ministry of Labour. • Refugees camps (Al- Azraq, Al- Za’atari). Required documents: • National ID for Jordanians. • Ministry of Interior card for Syrians. For More Information see: Employment-Centres-for-Jordanians-and-Syrians