“A traditional life was not my goal since I wanted to place an imprint in this world even if it takes time”

Ambition, a goal and support are the motivational words that helped me in achieving my dream.

In addition, my mother’s ongoing support and encouragement helped me in holding onto my dream. A traditional life was not my goal, since I wanted to place an imprint in this world even if it takes time. I was raised in a simple family where I was the eldest among my sisters. As the eldest, it was my responsibility to be a good role model for my younger siblings. God has chosen Engineering as part of my personality. But my ambition did not stop there, I liked to excel so I wanted to complete my higher education when I first started my bachelor studies. Since then I have always made sure to take advantage of any opportunities that would improve my skills. As a result, I attended many conferences and seminars about the role of women in society. The European Union’s scholarship was the first step I took in achieving my dreams and building a future for myself. I am now seeking to excel in this Masters program and continue towards attaining a PhD. However, I hope to find a job where I can find myself.

I hope that my future is filled with accomplishments, successes and optimism where I can work to improve myself, support my family and work for my society