Sajedah: “Best experience ever!”

Sajedah Bani Irshid is a master student in geology at Yarmouk University who received a scholarship from EDU-JORDAN/EDU-SYRIA in 2016.

Last September she started her exchange semester under the Erasmus+ program at Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany.

Sajedah told us about her experience:

“I had the privilege of going on the higher education exchange programme in 2017 to Erlangen, a nice city in Bavaria, Germany. This journey was the most beautiful experience in my life; it was a dream came true! In the beginning, I was a little bit afraid of traveling alone and the idea of handling everything by myself, but in few weeks I started to get used to life in Germany, I liked the lifestyle there, the discipline, and how everything and everyone knows exactly what they have to do.

In the German language course, I met many new friends, from different Nationalities: Spanish, Columbian, and even Arabian people, some of them were in the same Erasmus program so we met in many occasions.

During my studies, I was able to travel and visit the local area as well as wider Germany and a few other European countries. My best adventure was Climbing Mountains in Switzerland.

I am thankful for the scholarship I received from EDU-JORDAN; because of it, I had the chance to be a part of the Erasmus program. It allowed me to try new things in my life and now I know that nothing is impossible when you really want it!”