EDU-SYRIA honors outstanding students

Thursday 25.3.2021, EDU-SYRIA scholarship programme has granted its outstanding students at Zarqa University, Certificates of Distinction and Excellence signed by the Academic Committee in the Programme.

The Programme issues these certificates at the end of the First and Second Semesters of each Academic Year. Accordingly, the outstanding students in each major obtain Certificates of Distinction symbolizing the appreciation of the Programme’s Management for its outstanding students.

It is noteworthy that the academic performance of the Programme’s students at Zarqa University is excellent in general, as most of the students obtain excellent or very good merit. This is a clear indication of the students’ commitment to their academic career and their high level of performance in order to accomplish their missions successfully.

The Programme highly appreciates the efforts of its outstanding students despite the difficult circumstances they have been going through. It also has great hope that they will continue to be distinguished in their future lives.