214 new scholarships for Syrian refugee

EDU-SYRIA project granted 214 new bachelor’s degree scholarships for Syrian refugees to study at Zarqa University for the second semester 2019/2020.

The registration for the scholarships started on 19/2/2020 and ended on 7/2/202, with 1388 registered applicants at the scholarship portal http://edu-sys.eu/ .

After the end of the registration period, 284 eligible applicants were interviewed on Thursday 13 and 20 February 2020, only 214 of the applicants fit the criteria, explained below.

It’s worth mentioning that representatives from UNHCR Jordan joined EDU-SYRIA team on the interview days as observers of the acceptance process in the scholarship.


  1. The candidate must be Syrians and should hold a refugee registration document by UNHCR.
  2. The candidate should hold the Jordanian security card for Syrians.
  3. The candidate must have a certified copy of the high school certificate.
  4. The candidate must be younger than 28 years old.
  5. The priority will be given to candidates with a higher GPA.
  6. The Candidate should obtain an initial acceptance document from Zarqa Univesity

Acceptance criteria:

  1. The priority is given to candidates with a higher GPA.
  2. Applicants who already study for BA are not accepted
  3. Students who hold the Jordanian high school certificate.
  4. Bridging/ students who hold a vocational training diploma and wish to study for BA should have a “Shamel” certificate ( The annual comprehensive final exam for community college students)

Acceptance rate:

  1. 87.5% of scholarships are granted for Tawjihi graduates 2019.
  2. 2.5% of scholarships are granted for Tawjihi graduates 2018 or before.
  3. 10% of scholarships are granted for bridging students.

Minimum accepted Tawjihi average for each faculty are as follows:

Faculty Acceptance Tawjihi Average
Religion and Law80
Press and Media80
IT and Science80
Literature and Educational Science85
Economy and Management85
Medical science85
Arts and Graphic design80
Tawjihi literature stream; certificates before 201980
Tawjihi scientific stream; certificates before 2019 85
Shamel average90