“I am now on the path of achieving one of my dreams”

I aspire to further complete my higher education and thus become a university doctor.

I hold a Bachelor Degree in nursing which I attained in 2016. After I graduated I searched for a job to fund my higher education but failed to do so and did not find anyone to help me. Thereafter, I was informed about the European Union scholarship. I received a phone call about a meeting at JUST, where students were briefed about how to apply for the scholarship and its conditions. I was waiting for that day of acceptance with so much desperation until I was finally accepted. Luckily, I enrolled in the major I wanted. Furthermore, I also have other talents I hope to enhance such as photography and writing. Currently, I am now a Nursing Master’s student at JUST.

I am now on the path of achieving one of my dreams and I wish every student receives the same opportunity I was granted by the EU.