“I realized that there is no impossible if effort prevails”

I am a student who worked and studied while completing my Bachelor Degree in modern languages at Yarmouk University.

During that time, my part-time job was teaching Arabic for non-native speakers at the university’s language centre and I gave private Italian lessons as a private tutor. Despite the hard times during high school, I was ranked first in my class. Hence, this was just the first stop in my journey towards success. At the time, I realized that there is no impossible if effort prevails.

My dream was to study English but unfortunately, luck was not on my side. I recall chanting “I will continue my higher education” but deep inside I felt it was impossible. Without thinking it over, I jumped into registering for the Tourism program. At first, people around me underestimated my choice of major and therefore I struggled a lot in getting used to it since I have no prior knowledge of this field. With God’s help and my own perseverance, I am at the top of my class and currently working on a research to introduce a new concept in Ethnic tourism in Jordan, with the help of my supervisor.

I strive to complete my PhD and develop myself and improve the tourism sector in my country which I have already begun doing thanks to the scholarship.