“The EU restored my faith in miracles!”

I am a Syrian student.

I completed my secondary certificate in 2010 and studied economics and politics at Beirut University. In 2012, I transferred to Damascus University and then the crisis began while I was finishing my third year. The living conditions in Syria became very dangerous so I had to move with my family to Jordan in 2014.

My life in Jordan began by me working at a gold store. After a year of working there, I found myself back at Zaatari camp where I lost hope in completing my higher education. At the camp, I completed an ICDL certificate and thereafter the EU began granting Syrian students scholarships. Thankfully, I was awarded the scholarship and began studying Business Administration at Luminus Technical University College (LTUC) in 2017.

The EU restored my faith in miracles and I was able to complete my higher education after accepting my unfortunate reality at the camp.
I am now finishing my two-year studies and am grateful to the EU and the scholarship administration for this opportunity and I hope to return to my country someday.