“My dream is to establish a music academy”

My love for music began at a very early age.

I refused studying languages after achieving an average of 84.4 in my public secondary certificate-scientific stream. As a result, I opted to study music which I excelled in and attained a merit status every semester. I completed my Bachelor Degree with a merit average of 91.2.

My dream in further completing my higher education has always been on my mind but I have always feared how my dream would become a financial burden on my family due to the financial difficulties they were experiencing at the time. One day I was scrolling my university’s website when I came across EDU-JORDAN advertisement offering scholarships. Consequently, I applied for the scholarship and got accepted. The scholarship did not only offer me financial support but it also gave me a drive for success and proved that my decision in accepting this scholarship was worth it. I was honored to play the Arabicguitar for an event hosted by the European Union.

I am currently finishing up my Master’s Degree with an average of 90.2 and i’m also a trainer and a musician in Ajloun’s women band for reviving heritage. I made sure my Master thesis title serves the importance of the Arabic language for EU’s missions who are learning Arabic for Non-native speakers by incorporating its importance through the use of music.

My dream is to complete my PhD and encourage more studies in my field, in additionto establishing a music academy in Ajloun.