Dreams never end because the desire for success is never ending

I was raised in an unstable family environment where I lost my father at the age of 10.

I dreamed of becoming a doctor but my public secondary certificate average failed me and I could not pursue my dream. I applied to many universities and received nothing but several rejections until I got accepted to study Nursing at Al Al-Bayt University. Thereafter, I received a scholarship from JUST to study Agricultural Engineering. Hence, this major began to grow on me and I really started to like and perfect it. I planted flowers on a small lot of land and worked as a flower decorator at a flower shop.

After graduating, I faced a lot of problems finding a job seeing that my field of study does not have a favourable business market in the country. To add to that, I lost my job due to the difficult economic conditions the country is facing. Not losing hope, I began searching for other ways to improve my life. One day I read about an advertisement regarding scholarships being granted by the European
Union. That advertisement opened a door of hope for me so I rushed and applied for a scholarship and got accepted. I am currently completing my Master’s Degree in plant protection at JUST.

My dream is to complete my PhD and establish my own project. Dreams never end because the desire for success is never-ending.