Vocational Education Scholarship Program (VESP) and Six-Month Labor Market Oriented Course Scholarship Program (LMP) Academic Meeting at LTUC [13th May 2024]

On Monday, May 13, 2024, at Luminus Technical University College (LTUC), EDU-SYRIA conducted an academic meeting for the beneficiaries of the Vocational Education Scholarship Programme (VESP) and the Six-Month Labour Market Oriented Course Scholarship Programme (LMP). Participants in the meeting included students from both programs, a representative from EDU-SYRIA management team, Dr. Sameer Al-Dahidi, EDU-SYRIA Program Coordinator & Quality Assurance Manager. In addition to representatives from LTUC, Ms. Majd Al-Sbaihat, EDU-SYRIA Project Manager and Ms. Lina Sheeha, EDU-SYRIA Project Facilitator.

LTUC representatives welcomed the attendees and exhorted students to keep up their hard work, noting that these scholarships gave them opportunities and started them down the road to success.

A discussion was held where Dr. Al-Dahidi listened to the students’ problems, answered their questions, and encouraged them to pursue academic excellence and never hesitate to ask for assistance when they needed it. Dr. Al-Dahidi emphasized the importance of students’ dedication to achieve exceptional academic results and stressed that this dedication is necessary for them to continue receiving the benefits of the scholarship.

The representatives from GJU and LTUC addressed the concerns expressed by the students and encouraged them to pursue assistance in the event that they encountered difficulties in their studies. They also advised the students to keep track of these issues and report them to the scholarship management team so that remedial measures could be implemented.

It is noted that these academic meetings are held regularly as part of the various events and activities organized by the program. These aim to monitor the academic and psychological performance of the students, listen to their problems and suggestions to improve the overall effectiveness provided by the EDU-SYRIA Management Team, and plan future activities.