Job Readiness English Language for BAP Beneficiaries

EDU-SYRIA conducted a rigorous job readiness English language course between Tuesday, 21st of November 2023 to Sunday, 10th of December 2023 for approximately 60 beneficiaries of the Bottleneck Alleviation Programme (BAP) under the management of Nuffic. The objective of this course was to impart training in English communication skills and vocabulary, equipping the participants with the necessary linguistic proficiency to navigate situations where basic English fluency is essential. Specifically, the focus was on providing the skills and knowledge needed to access the labor market successfully

The course was held in-person by Amideast, a leading language and training center in Jordan, the course spanned a total of 32 hours over one month. The 60 participants were organized into three groups of 20 students each, with each group assigned a dedicated instructor and coordinator. The training methodology emphasized practical linguistic development and fostered class cohesion through activity-based learning.

The primary goal of the course was to empower participants with the skills required for job-seeking endeavors. This encompassed cover letter writing, CV development, and honing interview skills. The initial phase of the training involved introducing trainees to the fundamentals of English, enabling them to recognize the structure of written and spoken English. Participants were given opportunities to practice natural English in order to consolidate their understanding within a real-life context.

The course also delved into formal versus informal English, providing insights into distinguishing between these language registers. PowerPoint presentations were employed to facilitate understanding, with various exercises and practices carried out. Substantial class time was dedicated to the nuances of creating effective CVs, with examples and practical exercises aiding participants in incorporating their ideas into their final resumes. Role-playing sessions were conducted for interview skill practice, covering etiquette, communication skills, body language, common questions, and appropriate posture during interviews. The training addressed key focus areas, including:

  • English Grammar: Introduction to parts of speech and fundamentals of English grammar to enhance written and spoken comprehension.
  • Natural English Practice: Exercises designed to practice conversational English in a natural environment to enhance language fluency.
  • Formal vs. Informal English: Understanding and distinguishing between formal and informal language registers.
  • CV Writing Skills: Comprehensive discussions on the content and structure of effective CVs, including grammar and formatting, with practical exercises.
  • Interview Skills: Role-playing sessions focused on practicing interview etiquette, communication skills, body language, common interview questions, and appropriate posture, aiming to simulate real interview scenarios for practical experience.