In memorial of Abdel Moneim Al-Hariri

EDU-SYRIA Project is saddened to hear about the passing away of its student Abdel Moneim Al-Hariri, May his soul rest in peace. We at EDU-Syria send our deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.

The 24-year-old Syrian student was studying Journalism and Mass Communication at Zarqa University. Like many Syrians, he was forced to leave Syria in 2012 because of the war and went to Egypt. He worked there for 5 years to support his family.

 Abdel Moneim suffered from lung cancer early in his life; nevertheless, he continued working hard for his future and his family. Thereafter, Abdel Moneim came to Jordan in 2016 to continue his studies and applied for an EDU-SYRIA scholarship.

Abdel Moneim’s colleagues showed him much love and respect. He inspired them with the way he dealt with his disease by insisting to complete his studies.

A few days ago, Abdel Moneim passed away after a year and seven months of treatment. He left behind him a beautiful dream.

The EDU-SYRIA team extends their condolences while expressing their sincerest sadness over his loss.