High School Summer Program (HSSP) – Closed

EDU-SYRIA, funded by the European Union through the European Union Regional Trust Fund for Response to the Syrian Crisis, through the “Madad” Fund, which is managed by the German Jordanian University and in partnership with several Jordanian and international organizations and local educational institutions, announces that registration is open for the High School Summer Program (HSSP) for refugee students at Zaatari refugee camp.

In coordination with the Protection Unit at UNHCR, EDU-SYRIA will commit to:

1- Ensuring that the program is compatible with children’s ages and will not cause any unintended harm by any means. In addition, medical services will be available on site (first aid for example).

2- Ensure that candidates are eligible to participate in the HSSP activities.

3- Sending a profile of each activity with the detailed program of the HSSP schedule to the Protection Unit.

4- Obtaining prior written approvals from the parents of the students.

5- Facilitating the students’ access to permits in order to leave the camp on time and during the program.

The objectives of the High School Summer Program are set as below:

1- to familiarize high school students with the transition stage to college life.
2- to inspire them to continue post-secondary education

3- to build confidence in being a college student.
4- to leave them capable of thinking critically and communicating confidently-skills that lead to success at school, in college, and his/her career.

The duration of the program is during July (2 weeks / 3-4 days weekly).

The requirements:

1- The applicant must be of Syrian nationality.

2- The applicant should hold the UNHCR Asylum Seeker Certificate.

3- The applicant should hold the security card (Ministry of Interior card) for Syrian.

4- The applicant must reside in Zaatari refugee camp.

5- The applicant must have successfully completed 10th or 11th grade (please bring the transcript of records for the first semester).

The High School Summer Program will offer only 40 seats, and priority will be given to applicants who will apply first and with higher GPA.

Application period: From Monday 19/06/2023, until Wednesday 21/06/2023, by visiting Blumont centres in Sectors 2 & 6, e-learning centres located inside Zaatari camp to fill the online application and submit the required documents (copy of UNHCR asylum card, magnetic security card, and the transcript of the first semester).

To register, please fill in the following link:

If you have any further inquiry please contact us through:

  • Calls & Whatsapp on 0777211338
  • Facebook Page