Graduation Ceremony of HE Cars Beneficiaries

The Technical Vocational Training Academy held a graduation ceremony for EDU-SYRIA beneficiaries of the Vocational Diploma in Hybrid and Electrical Cars (HE Cars) on Thursday 16th of February 2023.

The HE Cars training diploma course provided the beneficiaries with the skills required to maintain Electric and Hybrid vehicles and training encompassing all aspects of working in vehicle maintenance including safety and professional development. A virtual learning portal was also developed that included all training materials and case studies to ensure the project’s sustainability. A collaboration network with vocational training centers as well as EV/HEV maintenance workshops was also established to secure internships and employability opportunities in both local and regional markets for the HE Cars graduates.

This project is one of the “Bottlenecks Alleviation Program (BAP)” selected projects and implemented by Amman Arab University (AAU) through the Technical Vocational Training Academy. BAP is implemented by Nuffic and funded by EDU-SYRIA through the European Union Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis “Madad”.