Follow-Up Meeting at Jordan Start

A follow-up meeting with EDU-SYRIA incubated teams/startups was conducted on Wednesday, 14th December 2022, at Jordan Start (LTUC-Irbid).

The Entrepreneurship Training Scholarship Program (ETSP) Coordinator at the EDU-SYRIA/German Jordanian University, Dr. Sameer Al-Dahidi, and the Project Coordinator, Eng. Mohammad Barakat and the Project Operation Manager, Ms. Huda Obeidat from Jordan Start, met the EDU-SYRIA incubated teams/startups to review their progress and discuss their future plans. During the meeting, Dr. Al-Dahidi listened to the teams’ observations and took notes about their inquiries to be followed up in the short-coming period.

EDU-SYRIA appreciates the teams’ efforts and commitment to achieving their work plans and establishing their own businesses. At the end of the meeting, the teams thanked EDU-SYRIA Program and Jordan Start for the attention and care they provide to the EDU-SYRIA beneficiaries.