1. Are these scholarships addressed only for a specific university or students?

These scholarships are dedicated to Syrian refugees students Only. Currently, the scholarships offered are at Zarqa University and Luminus Technical Univesity College. More partner universities might join the program in the future.

2. Which documents are required?

The documents needed are:

  1. Magnetic security card.
  2. Certified high school or bachelor transcript.
  3. Refuge certificate from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

3. What’s the age limit?

The EDU-Syria program itself does not have a limit. However, there might be a limit applied by the institute that provides the scholarship.

4.Only Bachelor or Master and Doctorate as well?

Currently, the scholarships offered are for bachelor degree and Vocational training only.

5. What are the selection criteria?

The scholarship targeted the most needed people, who can not afford to study on there own.