EDU-SYRIA Program  and JORDAN START held a workshop at Zarqa University

EDU-SYRIA program, in cooperation with Zarqa University and the business accelerator JORDAN START, held a workshop for EDU-SYRIA students at Zarqa University on the Entrepreneurship Grants Program (ETSP) supported by EDU-SYRIA program, which was implemented by the JORDAN START accelerator.

In turn, Zarqa University hosted this workshop on Thursday, 17-08-2022, in the Al-Khawarezmi meeting hall. The workshop was attended by Dr. Ala’ Khalifeh (EDU-SYRIA academic supervisor),  Dr. Khaled Qawasmi (ZU Dean of Scientific Research),  Mr. Ibrahim Al-Hariri (EDU-SYRIA Academic Advisor at Zarqa University), Ms. Anwar Bani Amer (outreach Officer at JordanStart), and nearly 100 students and graduates who expressed their interest in participating and applying for JORDAN START entrepreneurship grants.

This workshop came within the group work between the partner institutions and was managed by the EDU-SYRIA program. Earlier, students and graduates of the program were contacted and invited to attend this workshop in coordination with Zarqa University and its incubator as well as JORDAN START business accelerator.