EDU-SYRIA held the periodic Management meeting

Amman. On April 18th, 2018, EDU-SYRIA team held the seventh Quarterly Management meeting at Luminus Technical University College (LTUC) to discuss the Programmes’ progress.

The dean of the LTUC, Dr. Ayman Magableh welcomed the president of the German Jordanian University and the Director of EDU-SYRIA Programme Prof. Dr. Manar Fayyad, and EDU-SYRIA Management team.

Prof. Fayyad opened the meeting by thanking LTUC and Dr. Ayman Magableh for the generous hosting, stressing the importance of the valuable relationship between the project and LTUC.

In his welcome note, Dr. Ayman expressed LTUC readiness to continue supporting the Project and Syrian refugee students.

During the meeting, the Project manager, Dr. Dhiah Abou-Tair, briefed the team on the project’s progress and the results of the past quarter.

The program coordinators from Partner institutes: German Jordanian University (GJU), Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), Yarmouk University (YU), Zarqa University (ZU) and Luminus technical University College (LTUC), gave updates for the team on:

  • Latest statistics on the number of registered, dropped out and expelled
  • Number of students expected to graduate in the second semester 2018/2019
  • The academic progress of the students and average GPAs

During the meeting, the financial supervisor of the Programme, Ms. Sana Farraj reported the budget status of the program.

The team also listened to a brief on the past quarter’s events, and discussed the upcoming activities plan.