EDU-SYRIA/EDU-JORDAN programme interviews the applicants for the QRTA scholarship

Amman – During the student recruitment process, which took place during August to September, the EDU-SYRIA/EDU-JORDAN programme, funded by the European Union, finalized the procedures for accepting a new batch of eligible beneficiaries of student teachers in the Teacher Education Professional Diploma for the academic year 2022/2023.

The tasks and interviews, which are the requirements of this programme, were done for the Jordanian applicants who are beneficiaries from charitable institutions in the National Aid Fund, Tkiyet Um Ali, Al-Aman Fund, and Zakat Fund. There were 398 applicants who applied for the scholarship in the subject areas of Arabic, English, science, Maths, and early grade.

Sixty-nine teachers were accepted into the programme after they had gone through different tasks which measured their potential for communicating, accepting ideas and learning with others and were aligned by specific assessment criteria.

In the next stage, there will be an induction for the student teachers who have been accepted into the programme to give them a short briefing about the diploma. This will include information about activities and events, the program, the timeline, and the academic staff.

The Professional Diploma equips teachers for the current challenges in education, preparing educators to treat learning environments as more than mere space, but as the birthplaces of innovation, leadership, intellectual curiosity, and civic participation among youth. The Diploma combines theory and an extensive school practicum for teachers in General Pedagogies of Teaching and Learning and in subject-specific pedagogies in order to transfer new skills and knowledge gained.

Diploma graduates are life-long learners and reflective practitioners who are able to use data-based inquiry to improve the learning of students and move learning to ensure student agency. Teachers are well-equipped to effectively help students acquire knowledge and skills necessary for preparing a generation that can contribute to building its community and country. The Diploma also prepares participants to make the learning environment more innovative and creative.