EDU-SYRIA / EDU-JORDAN Handout 379 Laptops to Students

The current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is having a profound impact, not only on people’s health, but also on how they learn, work and live. As COVID-19 started to spread across Jordan, forcing Universities to shift to virtual learning, many students were left without the technology they required to continue their education

EDU-SYRIA Scholarship program launched its initiative aiming to provide needy students with the requisite tools to function in the online learning environment by presenting laptops to students, marking 379 e-learning ENI funded device, i.e., laptops, distribution to EDU-SYRIA/EDU-JORDAN scholarship beneficiaries. Delivering these laptops is one of the remedies of COVID 19 logistic complications on the education and learning processes. It aims to back students with the necessitated support facilitating their success and completion of the program of study with a higher education diploma.

The initiative handed out 379 laptops, valued at Euro 150,000, to the programmes’ students at Jordan University of Science and technology, Yarmouk University, Mutah University, Zarqa University and Luminus Technical University College

Most of the laptops were distributed to the Syrian refugee students living in refugee camps, where a total of 162 Syrian refugees received a laptop; of them 119 students from Zaatari camps, 26 from Al-Azraq Camp, and 17 from Al-Emirati camp.

Another 126 Syrian refugee student living in the urban area received a laptop, 88 students studying at Zarqa University, 22 students are studying at Luminus Technical University College, and 16 students are studying Master’s at the German Jordanian University. Those students were included in the initiative as they scored the highest GPA’s among their peers.

A group of 91 underprivileged Jordanian were also included in the initiative, where 39 of them are studying for Master’s degree at Jordan University of Science and Technology, 22 at Yarmouk University, 8 Jordanians at the German Jordanian University, and 22 at Mutah University.