Academic Meeting | VESP & LMP

EDU-SYRIA held an academic meeting for the beneficiaries of the Vocational Education Scholarship Program (VESP) and Six-Month Labor Market Oriented Course Scholarship Program (LMP) on Thursday,  23rd of November 2023 at Luminus Technical University College (LTUC). The meeting was attended by representatives from the EDU-SYRIA management team; Dr. Sameer Al-Dahidi, EDU-SYRIA Program Coordinator & Quality Assurance Manager, and Eng. Aseel Obeidat EDU-SYRIA Project Officer, in addition to representatives from LTUC, Ms. Eman Albakheet, PMO Head, Ms. Majd Al-Sbaihat, EDU-SYRIA Project Manager, Ms. Lina Sheeha, EDU-SYRIA Project Facilitator, Mr. Abedallah Alsarahneh, EDU-SYRIA Project Facilitator, and 25students from both programs; with 16 students from LTUC Amman campus attended the meeting physically, and 9 students from LTUC Irbid campus attended the meeting virtually.

Ms. Sheeha opened the meeting by welcoming the representatives of EDU-SYRIA management team and the students, complimenting their outstanding academic performance. Ms. Al-Sbaihat commended the role played by the EDU-SYRIA management team, she also urged students to continue working hard and that such grants opened up prospects for them and set them on the beginning of the path to success.

Dr. Al-Dahidi underscored the significance of students’ dedication to achieving outstanding academic results, highlighting that such commitment is crucial for them to continue reaping the benefits of the scholarship. Eng. Obeidat encouraged the students to strive for excellence in their academic pursuits, she also urged them not to hesitate to seek support if they faced any academic challenges.

GJU and LTUC’s representatives answered the questions raised by the students and urged the students not to hesitate to seek support if they faced any academic challenges; to follow up on them during their study, and to present them to the scholarship management team so that the improvement plans can be made.

It is worth mentioning that the academic meetings are held periodically as one of many events and activities scheduled by EDU-SYRIA. These kinds of meetings are conducted to achieve a set of purposes and objectives aimed at monitoring academic performance, offering support and guidance, discussing any concerns or issues that EDU-SYRIA beneficiaries may be having, communicating with them, listening to their observations, suggestions, and aspirations, gathering feedback to improve and enhance the overall effectiveness of the scholarship program and planning future activities.

In the end, the students thanked EDU-SYRIA and LTUC for the attention and care they provide to serve the students and praised the efforts made by EDU-SYRIA in order to facilitate the challenges encountered. They also praised the great role of LTUC in its management and distinguished academic staff.