“We are tomorrow, and tomorrow is nicer ”

I am a student who followed science.

My goal was to achieve the highest average in my Bachelor Degree. I completed my Bachelor Degree in Guidance and Psychological Counselling. With a lot of scepticism from my family, I was determined to achieve my dream through this Degree since I am an expert in analyzing personalities. My pioneer project is a play I produced and wrote entitled “We are tomorrow, and tomorrow is nicer”. I am a 24-year-old young lady with five years of experience in volunteer work. In 2012, I graduated with honours and attained first place in my field from Yarmouk University. I then tried to get a scholarship in order to complete my Master’s Degree and achieve my dream of becoming a university professor. After all the doors closed in my face, my hope was restored when the European Union and the German Jordanian University granted me a scholarship to further continue my higher education. I chose the title of my thesis to be “The functionality of a guidance program based on psychodrama to improve the confidence level orphans”.

I am grateful to the European Union for enabling me to complete my Master’s Degree. I am now working at UNICEF and waiting to register for a PhD.