“a bee never gives up or gets bored, and that is indeed my role model”

Who knows what is meant to be is what is really good for us!

This is a phrase I used to repeat until the right time came where I fully understood and experienced the full extent of this phrase. This happened when I completed my public high school certificate with a merit average of 90.5. To my disappointment, my average did not help me get into medical school and my financial situation didn’t help me pay for my education on my own expense. So I was forced and persuaded to study Computer Science at Balqa University which I did not like at all. It then became crystal clear to me that I did not want to continue in this major, so I switched my major to Civil Engineering.

As time passed, I began to like my major and I graduated early with an excellent average. I then got an internship at the Ministry of Public Works where I trained in Deir Ala Municipality. Thereafter, I received a job offer from a company. And one month later, I applied for a Master’s Degree scholarship by the European Union and received an acceptance. I am finally completing my studies and I am in my second semester. I aspire to further complete my studies by attaining a PhD in the future.

As I always say: “let a bee be your role model since it never gives up or gets bored or gets tired” and it surely is indeed my role model.