WUSC scholarship

The Student Refugee Program (SRP), managed by the World University Service of Canada (WUSC), is a resettlement program that provides opportunities for refugees to continue their post-secondary studies in Canada. Refugees sponsored through the program become Permanent Residents when they arrive in Canada.
(SRP) is launching the application call for the next cycle of 2018/2019 for candidates to resettle and receive one-year sponsorship in Canada. The application is open to all nationalities who are registered under the UNHCR and meeting the eligibility requirements.

The application is open starting  April 05, 2018 until May 05, 2018. All applicants should submit and send their applications or inquiries to:  srp.me@wusc.ca

The Student Refugee Program (SRP) is the only one of its kind to combine resettlement with opportunities for higher education. Launched in 1978 with the placement of one student at Carleton University, the program has since grown to support over 130 students per year through active partnerships with over 80 campuses.  As an official Sponsorship Agreement Holder in Canada, WUSC has a longstanding agreement with Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. This agreement enables us to bring refugee students to study in Canada as permanent residents. WUSC identifies refugee students who are in need of resettlement and grants permission to WUSC Local Committees at universities, colleges across Canada to sponsor in WUSC’s name.