EDU-SYRIA Eleventh Consortium Management Meeting

EDU-SYRIA held the Eleventh Consortium Management Meeting highlighting key updates and fostering open discussions at the German Jordanian University on 27th of July 2023. The meeting was attended by EDU-SYRIA management team, the EU representative and the project partners of ZU, DAAD, LTUC, JUST and QRTA.

The agenda encompassed several pivotal topics aimed at covering the meeting objectives. The Management Team provided an up-to-date summary on EDU-SYRIA current status, the Regional Alumni Network ‘Regional Component’, the tracer Study of educational & non-educational programs, the beneficiaries satisfaction survey and the High School Summer Program. while each partner presented the update of his sub-program.

The meeting concluded with a dialogue session on the success stories of EDU-SYRIA beneficiaries, followed by a wrap-up, conclusions, and plans for the next meeting.