DAFI Bachelor’s degree Scholarships

The United Nations Higher Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is proud to announce the opening for Bachelor degrees scholarships slots under the Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative (DAFI) program, funded by the German Government, the Said and Asfari Foundation.

The scholarship program is administered by UNHCR in partnership with the Higher and further Education Opportunities and Perspectives for Syrians (HOPES) funded by the EU with support from Nour Al-Hussein Foundation.

The scholarship covers all tuition fees, and comprises standard allowances for living, transportation and book purchase. The scholarship will be extended on an annual basisز


Do you match the following criteria?

  1. Registered with UNHCR.
  2. All Nationalities registered with UNHCR.
  3. Recognized as a refugee (For Non-Syrian)
  4. Age of 28yrs or younger.
  5. High academic performance.
  6. You have original or certified academic certificates.
  7. You are currently not a beneficiary of any other academic scholarship.
  8. You are a new Tawjihi graduate.
  9. You do not have the financial means to complete your higher education without a scholarship
  10. None of your family members are currently benefitting from a DAFI scholarship
  11. Strong motivation to contribute to your community
Application deadline: August 8th 2019


  1. Application deadline: August 8th 2019
  2. Only ONLINE applications are accepted through the link: http://www.unhcr.io/DAFI/login.php , please create a new account using your e-mail.
  3. Full knowledge of English is a prerequisite for English language based subjects.
  4. Scholarship is dedicated to four years majors.
  5. The scholarship will be limited to the following universities:
  1. Amman Arab University – Amman
    1. Applied Science University – Amman
      1. Al Al-Bayt University – Mafraq
      1. Aqaba University of Technology – Aqaba
      1. Ak-Huseein Bin Talal University – Maan
      1. Irbid National University- Irbid
      1. Jadara University – Irbid
      1. Muta University – Karak
      1. Zarqa University – Zarqa
  • We expressly encourage qualified female candidates and refugees with special needs to apply
  • Applying and processing DAFI scholarship is a free of charge.
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interview.
  • Interviews will be held in August at UNHCR offices in Amman, Zaatari and Azraq camp.

Required application documents

  1. Personal Photo
  2. Copy of the high school certificate.
  3. Copy of a VALID UNHCR Asylum seeker Certificate or proof of registration with UNHCR.
  4. Copy of Ministry of Interior (MoI) Card (For Syrian Nationalities), a copy of the passport for Non-Syrian nationalities.

Mentioned documents should be submitted through the online application and present during the physical interview

Contacts/ focal points per location:


  • UNHCR Office Info-Line : 06 400 8000
  • Amman and South Governorates: Tamara Bakez 0796448576
  • Irbid, Jerash, Ajloun, and Ramtha Governorates: Ahmad Khader 0797207135.
  • Mafraq governorate and Zataari camp: Awad Al-Sheikh: 079131 56 39.
  • Azraq camp: Osama Sabbah 0799907828


  • Amman :Tamara Kasabi: (+962) 0791294787
  • Amman : Hala Al Abadi 0791294749
  • Irbid: Alaa Al Odat 0799435813

Good luck