Bachelor Degree Scholarship 2020

The registration period ended.

The EDU-SYRIA/EDU-JORDAN program, funded by the EU through the regional trust fund “Madad” in response to the Syrian crisis and managed by the German Jordanian University, announces that the door is now open for Syrian refugees to apply for Bachelors degree scholarships at Zarqa University for the upcoming academic year 2020/2021.

The registration period is open from Tuesday 01/09/2020 to Wednesday 30/09/2020.

Important note for applicants from Za’tari and Azraq camp: EDU-Syria team, in coordination with Zarqa University, will organize visits to the camps to help you apply for the scholarship. Therefore, please do not ask for an exit permit from the camp and do not come to the university.

1. Applicants must be::

  1. Of Syrian nationality
  2. Younger than 28 years old
  3. The candidate should hold a the UNHCR Asylum Seeker Certificate
  4. The candidate should hold the security card (Ministry of Interior card) for Syrian.
  5. Obtained the high school certificate (Tawjihi) in 2020.
  6. Obtain an initial acceptance approval from Zarqa University (This does not mean acceptance for the scholarship).
  7. The priority will be given to candidates with a higher GPA and satisfy the previous conditions.

2. Required documents :

  1. A certified copy of the high school certificate (Tawjihi).
  2. Copy of the security card or Syrians (Ministry of Interior card).
  3. Copy of the UNHCR Asylum Seeker Certificate.
  4. Copy of the birth certificate or family documents (if available).
  5. Copy of the passport (if available).
  6. Two recent personal photos.
  7. The initial acceptance approval from Zarqa University.

3. The registration process:

  1. Go to Zarqa University and provide the required documents to obtain the initial acceptance approval.

2. Apply for the scholarship through the online application system:

3. The best candidates, who meet the requirements, will be invited to an interview.

4. All applicants will be informed whether they were accepted or not.

4. Important notes:

  1. Registration in the online application system is mandatory and no application will be considered otherwise.
  2. The applicants should have an active email in order to create an account on the online application system.
  3. The Zarqa University registration department will help the applicants to apply to the online application system after giving them initial acceptance approval.
  4. Only the applicants are allowed to enter the university campus due to the university’s measures to limit gatherings, as a preventive measure against the Corona pandemic, therefore we urge the applicant to NOT BRING FAMILY MEMBERS WITH YOU to Zarqa University.

5. Zarqa University is providing buses to take the applicants to and from the campus; in accordance with the following schedule

Amman / University bus statuion: 07:00

Amman / Raghdan bus station: 07:00

Irbid /Amman bus station: 08:00

Al Mafraq /Al Mafraq bus station: 08:00

Zarqa – The New bus station: starting at 07:00

6. Contact us

Phone 1: +962 6 429 4144
Phone 2: +962 6 429 4144